Red Cord Lamp Co


My name is John and I make cool sh*t light up. 

About 3-4 years ago I went to a “big box store” to buy a lamp and was very disappointed at their basic, boring, and expensive selection. So I started thinking to myself (and out loud to anyone who would listen) that I could make a high quality, interesting, one of kind lamp for a comparable price as the big box stores. 

So about 10-11 months ago, after complaining (for literally years) about the boringness of big box store lamps and after much encouragement from my partner in life Allison, I started researching ideas, pricing materials, and collecting vintage and antique items that I thought would make great, one of kind lamps. I would then create an Instagram account called @jawneylamps now @redcordlampco and sold two lamps in the first two hours of posting pics to my feed. 

About a month later I was asked to participate in a local handmade market. This gave me the motivation and the due date to get some lamps made. I went into this market super nervous and skeptical that I would sell any lamps. But it went Great!! I sold some lamps, but most of all I was inspired and encouraged to keep creating.

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